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Once a month I send out a collection of words and images to inspire, renew and encourage. For many of us, taking care of our own spirit comes second to serving others. Allow this monthly mailing to remind you to attend to your life so you may be a more powerful force for good in the world.

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From the January 2017 Issue:

I have not yet swum in the star dark sea and seen the shining path of the full moon rising from under the surface. I would imagine that it is as lovely as the day sun shining through the silver mirrored blue. We have been taught that night is a time of fear and danger, and this notion still holds me in its hands, so I have not yet gone into the night sea. But I have gone swimming in a pelting rain and watched the gray mist above turn into a sequined ceiling as the big drops spatter the surface and return to the sea.

Joan McIntyre, from The Delicate Art of Whale Watching

To live a contemplative life is to be open enough to see, free enough to hear, real enough to respond. It is a life, and so it has its own rhythms of darkness, of dying-rising. Simply enough, it is a life of grateful receptivity, of wordless awe, of silent simplicity.

S. Marie Baha