Rebecca Morse
School Couselor, Center for Technology, Essex
I would recommend this course to any teacher, or counselor in a school who is interested in learning more about Mindfulness and how it relates so well with Restorative Justice Practices. Annie really IS an expert. She is able to teach the material while remaining a partner in the process. I can see things through a different lens and understand just how important it is to understand myself so that I can help create safe and equitable learning environments in a school where every student feels like they have a voice.
Soryu Forall
Founder, President, Meditation Expert, Center for Mindful Learning
Annie is a natural listener, a natural leader, and, because she sees that we all are already intelligent, and also need support to realize our potential, she is a natural collaborator. ... Her integrity and courage inspire me.
Mollie Matteson
Annie O'Shaughnessy is a brave and honest person who will inspire you because she is so human, and at the same time, such a beautiful and brilliant soul, as we all are. Her tenderness and zeal for life is a balm for those who are ready to live a more passionate and true life.
Terri Swain
Human Resources Consultant, The HR Consultant
Annie O'Shaughnessy is a phenomenal facilitator and communicator; she approaches her workshops with an energy and spirit that is inclusive and engaging for all who attend. Her writing is clear and insightful. She is down to earth and inspiring to a diverse audience. Once you are embraced by Ann, your life will change in wonderful ways!